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Deciding to register for this business conference is one of the best decision you have made so far this year. You will agree that Corona Virus (Covid 19) has done no good to the world, the outbreak has amputated every spheres of life. The Event industry shares a lot in this misfortune.

The pandemic has brought different ideas to every business owners, as everybody now require different means of carrying out their business. This is the new normal!

The event industry is a very big industry with lot of opportunities; there is no week without an event: Social or Corporate. Classy or Owambe. But, as profiting as it is, it is very easy to make lose in the industry, infact one can go bankrupt.

With Covid 19, it (Business In Event Industry) is becoming more difficult.

So, how do you carry out businesses in the event industry, while you still adopt to the new normal?

We know you cant wait to find answers to this. And we have secure the services of high-ranking, well experienced 18 speakers across the world. These Speakers are vast in their different fields such as the food business, branding, finance, legal and lot more.

Like we said, you have made of the best decision to register for this conference, just complete this decision by registering for the FREE conference.

Yes , you will also be getting a free E-magazine for attending this online Event.

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