A Walk Through The Event’s Industry

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by Kehinde Ahmed (2504 Events)

The event industry is a multi-million-dollar industry that is growing very fast per annum with events being hosted almost daily. Event Planning is a part of our every day human life, it is the business of making dreams come true. If you are considering having a career in the events industry then you have made an excellent choice.

In the event industry, I chose my career to be an event planner, as the creative director of an event planning company (2504events), one of the first things I do when there’s an event coming up is to engage empathy, it allows me to connect with the client better and enhances the understanding, to know what the event requires. The event industry is a large field to break into, so before you jump right in, be sure to give some thought to the type of field you’d like to become. Basically, before you can successfully excel in the event industry, you need to ask yourself these basic questions:

Am I organized?

Do I have good time management skills?

Am I a good listener?

Am I detail-oriented?

Do I interact well with others?

This questions would launch you into the field you’d like to choose in the industry. Event vendors are able to manage their time and their events in a very organized fashion. They have to be good listeners, in order to respect their clients’ wishes and carry out the dreams that they have in mind for their events. Without good listening skills along with an eye for detail, ideas for an event can be miscommunicated and lost. Last but not least, you must interact well with others. You will be dealing with clients, negotiating with event sites, and communicating with high ranking executives.

Furthermore, the event industry in Nigeria can be a really hard challenge to break into because it requires more than how great your knowledge of the event is, but rather the passion for the profession, attention to detail, experience, networking, creativity, good management and ability to work long hours. Event planners coordinate all kind of tasks that revolve around the success of the event project. The project may be Wedding, Burial or Naming ceremony planning, Festival planning, Business or Conference planning, Fundraising planning, Non-profit event planning or College Alumni planning. When it comes to planning an outstanding event in Nigeria, you need an event planner and also alongside with some event vendors such as a Photographer, a decorator, a videographer, a DJ and most especially a caterer. These set of people have invested a lot of energy, time and total dedication thus turning this sector of the industry into million dollar industry. These set of people have a deep interest in the industry and stuck with it long enough to earn their mark. They have handled glamorous events and have a record of successful achievements

The events industry is affluent and dynamic, which provides worldwide chances and creates strong performance. In addition, the foundations for events industry include a whole set of sellers and buyers and attractive dynamics. Events play lots of significant roles from establishing a community to city renewal, cultural improvement to cultivating country identities. Classifying events is significant in the planning, managing and assessing events, which is sorted based on place attachment and event size. The rapid growth of the event industry leads to more demands for experienced and efficient event managers. The events industry can go on to be flourishing.

Weddings, ceremonies, concerts, functions and parties of any celebration are so much fun. Before the arrival of the final day, everybody is busy in the preparations like costumes, jewellery, gifts, dance and fun. But the actual preparation goes on behind the scenes. Decoration and theme of the venue, Caterers, space selection, stage performances, anchoring, games & quizzes, the arrangement of flowers, Light effects, firework display, sound effects, special effects. Behind all this, a team of professionals in this field works tirelessly day and night to impress guests, hosts, sponsors and stars or chief guests or celebrities.

A tedious job where one has to work beyond time schedules, favourable weather conditions, less or sufficient resources, deal with different vendors, stakeholders, sponsors, hosts. One has to be readily available 24×7 to work under scorching sun rays or any other condition. It’s not for the one who is not social at all.

Event management is a hectic profession where organizational business skills and communication are used to plan, execute social and business events. It requires leadership skills, art to get the things done under one call, appropriate resources, logistics, budgeting and negotiation skills. Eligibility for becoming an event manager requires a graduate degree or diploma in the field. Also, one should possess skills like creativity, being social or learn to develop organizational skills, maintaining public relations and building networking skills. It is a process of teamwork, where all the people in the group, co-ordinate, plan, execute and perform to come together. A multimillion-dollar industry growing at the rate of 100% carries a wider scope welcoming new talent. A marketing strategy implementation platform targets the client’s satisfaction with passion, people and value for money. This industry is growing daily and can accommodate so much more people.

In conclusion, the event industry has grown significantly over the last decades, increased government’s participation and support, the rapid development of tourism, and the ability of events to create economic benefits, Economic benefits of events are among the most significant causes for organizing events, and the significant development of event industry gives a great push to the economic growth.

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