The Groove , the Dance and the Vibes – The story of OSMA by Ayodele Ojo

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Before 2016, I wasn’t really into this show business of a thing, I was more of a publisher. Publishing is my calling and I know right. Back then in school, I started this magazine with some of my friends and the magazine became so popular that almost all mass communication students in Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) then wanted to join us. They saw the magazine as an avenue to practice print journalism. All I wanted to do then was to publish, I don’t want to involve myself in the content of the magazine because I hated writing (I love writing now). I just want to design the campus tabloid and head to the printing press. I did it perfectly and I was able to publish 20 editions of the magazine before I graduated. I never knew I had this drive for entertainment until I met David Olugbenga. David used to be a Jabu student too but we were not close at all during our stay on campus. He came to me asked me to join him to start organizing shows for our home grown artistes in Ondo State.
In 2014 after graduation, we organized a big pool party at Royal Birds, Alagbaka, Akure. It was tagged “Wet & Wild” Pool Party under his entertainment brand, Sinerule Entertainment. David’s zeal for entertainment can be very crazy sometimes that he would have to sell some of his gadgets to fund some of the shows. At that moment, I was just the one branding the events, I was always the “go to” person because as at that time, I had already completed my graphic designing training and this helped us a lot to move faster. In 2015, before we organized the second edition of Wet & Wild Pool Party, we had organized so many Industry nights and this helped us to get familiar with some the artistes, we also used that avenue to get their contacts and we kept in touch with them. Sinerule entertainment and Torch Media became household names in artiste management and show business. We were virtually the only brand organizing shows for artistes in Akure that year. Remember, we were not breaking even, we were doing it out of passion.
In 2016, when we were planning another edition of Ondo State Industry Night, just like the way we did it in the previous year, then I suggest we had awards. I felt bringing artistes together under one roof and performing their songs wasn’t enough, we just have to add something to spice it up. I wanted us to stop the normal conventional industry night and change to something bigger that people can easily identified with. David agreed with me and we started plans, but there was no money at all, it was so bad that we had to always walk to meet our sponsors. We started the music awards with zero budget, we had nothing in hand or at bank. We use the small pocket money our parents give to us to print proposals, thank God I could design. We were not spending on designing at all, so it was very easy for us to post our adverts on social media as soon as we thought about it. We were virtually designing our thoughts. We got some big brands that believed in us and we staged the first edition of the awards in December 4 2016 and the rest is history.

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